I Say Matryoshka, You Say Babushka

I have become very interested in Japanese import fabric and this happily coincided with my interested in sewing in 3-D.  Our little town has a wonderful independent fabric shop that stocks a large selection of the most charming yet modern stuff coming from Japan.

In honor of meeting up with two friends who are adopting baby girls from Kyrgyzstan, I fashioned these little Babushka ladies featuring tiny babushka, or Matryoshka on the fabric.  Yes, Japanese fabric with tiny Russian dolls.  How fun!  The camera made it look like there is a bit of shine on their faces, but in real life, they are not.  Giving credit where it is due, these dolls are from a free pattern at I love Hillary Lang's work and have been really inspired to make softies because of her.

The other book I'm digging is this:

If you didn't catch it from the title, you make the most darling stuff out of....yes, you guessed...
socks and gloves. I haven't actually made anything yet...but I will be.

The craft bug has become a social disease for me, and I couldn't be happier.

Welcome to the Cottage…

My first quilt in a very, very long time.  This is a Chinese Coin quilt for my friend Suzanne who will become a mama this year.  I used mostly Darlene Zimmerman fabrics and felt cheerful all the time I’ve worked on it.  I’ll post later the matching soft blocks and softie that will go along with it at another time.