Flea Market Fancy Stash & A Little Giveaway!


Edited to note that this giveaway is closed.  The winner was Jamie from Baubles and bits!


The Little Blue Cottage is a relatively new blog, but I’ve been a Denyse Schmidt fan for about a year.  I absolutely love her quilts, design sensibility and her fabrics.  Lately, there has been a blogging frenzy over where her first line, Flea Market Fancy, can still be found.  I do have a nice stash of it, and as I was going through it all, I remembered my favorite one of all…


The one in the middle…’posies’ in pear.  SWOON!  And I recently found more on eBay, to the tune of 15 yards!  I scooped right in and bid in the waning seconds of the auction and won.  So, because I feel slightly guilty in having an embarassment of riches so to speak, I am having my first bloggy giveaway.  YAY!  The winner will receive one yard of the posies in pear, and another yard of the fabric to the right, pictured above.  Two yards!  Here’s the fine print:  leave a comment to enter.  To those who link to this giveaway on their own blogs, you will receive 3 entries.   Winner will be drawn on Wednesday, November 26th.  Good luck to everyone!!

Here’s a bit more from my stash:



A Wee Doll Quilt

My oldest daughter decided her doll had a lovely bed, and so she needed a lovely quilt to go with it.  She marched over to my stash, picked out these fabrics, drew a quick idea of what it should look like and two hours later…


It felt good to be able to do this so quickly.  A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to.  Dollie has a quilt and my daughter is very happy with it!

Quilty Warmth On A Cold Night


I tiptoed in and put this on her while it was still warm from the dryer.  You can see more of the back of the quilt here:


I pieced it with scraps leftover from the front.  I love how it turned out, but I’m not going to work with circles for awhile.  Also, worrying about the raw edge made me overly protective and so they are stitched on several times over.  I made a very close stipple as well, so there is so much thread in this quilt, it is going to live on to keep my great grandchildren warm.  I can only hope.

Spare Change Squares Are In The House!

My squares arrived for the Spare Change Quilt Swap .
I’m so excited! Here’s a snapshot of some of the squares.

I’m thinking of what I want to do with these fun fabrics.  I am loving the pink and red and orange one of the left there and I’ve been eyeing the Alexander Henry ‘birdseed’ fabric for ages so I was very excited to see that amongst all the others.  I bought Kona Cotton in ‘natural’ for the white portion of this quilt.  My bullseye quilt is in the washer as I write this and so I think, I’m off to start cutting up my squares.  Please, let this quilt not take as long as the last one.  I might back it in minkee and give it to Isabel for Christmas.  Pics of the bullseye as soon as it’s dry.  Then, I’m on to Christmas gift quilts for friends.

Summer or Autumn…?

By the looks of things, and the tastes of things around my house, it seems more like late summer than Auturmn.  But I’m not complaining. 

While on a walk with my wee Isabel, we came upon the biggest and happiest hydrangea bush.  In the fall, after a summer of being all pinky and blueish, hydrangeas sometimes decide to fit in with all the other autumnal colors and they go plum and mauve and rustic looking.


I had this very kind of hydrangea in my wedding bouquet on a beautiful late October day 10 years ago. 

The other bit of summer happened here yesterday.  Every wednesday, I have 5-6 of my daughter Suzannah’s friends over for ‘crafty club’.  We’ve made pincushins, applesauce, stepping stones, and germinated seeds  to name a few things.  Yesterday, after buying strawberries from one of our many local farms, we made some jam.  I gave them real knives and gave them a quick lesson in knife safety and away they went.  They were really serious and chopped up the berries and had brightly crimson-stained fingers.  They cut away slightly fuzzy bits and they lopped off the stems.  Some had the job of mashing, some measured sugar, some juiced lemons and they all had turns stirring and scraping off the foam while it all bubbled on the stove.  Great success!



They were so proud of their work and everyone took home a jar.

Bullseye Quilt

I’m getting close to the finish line on the bullseye quilt. What I love are all the lovely circles along with the raw-edge applique. Here’s a close-up:

And here are all the blocks lined up ready to be stitched together. 


I managed to finish the quilt top tonight and tomorrow it’s on to the back.  I’m going to do free-motion quilting on the brown background and more circular quilting on the circles.  The closer I get to finishing it, the more I’m loving these color combinations and I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

I See Fabric


I snagged a Denyse Schmidt cheater panel at the Santa Clara Quilt Show a couple of weeks ago for $6. 

Ikea fabrics in decorator weight.  I have no idea when I’ll use them…but they’re so FAB, that I had to buy them.

So, those are the highlights of my stash.  I’m too embarassed to show you the whole enchalada.  Basically, it fills up a medium-sized bookcase.  *laughs nervously*

Also, here’s a link to a fabric giveaway. There’s some yummy stuff that she’s giving away for a couple of lucky winners…