Quilty Warmth On A Cold Night


I tiptoed in and put this on her while it was still warm from the dryer.  You can see more of the back of the quilt here:


I pieced it with scraps leftover from the front.  I love how it turned out, but I’m not going to work with circles for awhile.  Also, worrying about the raw edge made me overly protective and so they are stitched on several times over.  I made a very close stipple as well, so there is so much thread in this quilt, it is going to live on to keep my great grandchildren warm.  I can only hope.

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5 thoughts on “Quilty Warmth On A Cold Night

  1. Wow, it’s turned out great! I’ve been following your progress, and couldn’t wait to see it finished. The colours are wonderful together, and I love the pieced back, too. Well done! :-)

  2. The pieced back is lovely :)

    I thought of you on Tuesday when we went to the big huge fabric store in NC (Mary Jos… it’s a regional mecca for fabric lovers). I think you would love it :)

  3. I love that you quietly covered your sleeping grandchild with a warm quilt

    and then took pictures!

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