Five Fabrics & A Cupcake




I want to eat them all up!  (Fabric and all…)

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7 thoughts on “Five Fabrics & A Cupcake

  1. Yum indeed! Lovely! We’re just beginning holiday baking here and I’ve officially eaten too many sticky buns. Seriously.

    Love the fabrics!

  2. can you tell me what that fabulous angel fabric is?…it is so very vintage and i NEED some…thanks…

  3. Cheryl, thank you! It’s from the ‘Feathered Friends’ line from ‘In the Beginning’ fabrics.

    Shea…I’m not there yet. So….that means I can have more?!

    Barbara, I love the angels too. It’s ‘Just Makin’ Conversation’ by Maywood Studios. I am saving up a stash of vintage reproduction and retro fabrics for a vintage type fo quilt someday. I think it comes in other colors too.


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