Thoughts on a Virtual Quilting Bee


Edited to add that we have enough quilters for this bee. Thank you for your interest!!

Would anyone out there be interested in doing a virtual quilting bee based on this one from mamaurchin? I think it would be a wonderful way to connect and share our talent and friendship. If you are interested, please go to the link above and read all the details, but hese are the basic guidelines:

Each month one of the members (that month’s designer) sends me the fabric(s) for their quilt. The designer should send enough fabric for all twelve blocks and an idea or patern for the blocks. I then distribute the fabrics into envelopes and send them on to the other members, keeping one set of fabric for myself. Members then have until the end of the month to create a block that fits in the design idea of the designing member for that month and send it back to me. I gather all 11 blocks together and send them to the designing member. Beginning to get the idea? I absolutely love the idea.

Please leave a comment if you would like to join and are able to commit to this process. One block a month shouldn’t be too much to add to our own projects…right?? If I get 12 people interested right away, we could start in February. What a good way to start the year.


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41 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Virtual Quilting Bee

  1. I would love to, I’ve been watching a number of quilting bees online and thinking it would be a lot of fun. I am a newer quilter and I don’t have a sewing blog. I’d love to be a part of this if that’s not a problem.

  2. Everyone who wants to join in is welcome. So, we have 7 spots and we need to fill a few more. If anyone wants to post this on their blog, feel free to do so!


  3. I am so excited about this. So much so that I am going to expand my blog… which is a running/triathlon training blog… to include sewing. And I am going to start sharing it with people besides myself. Looking forward to working with you all.

  4. Ok, now we have many more than 12. How do we feel about having the quilting bee larger than 12? It would mean that for every month I draw names for who is the designer, and some will not have a month for their own to be the designer. BUT, that would mean that each person gets more squares. What do you think? Let’s decide in the next day or two. If you all have other ideas about how to handle a larger group, let me know! Also, if anyone knows how to make a button with a code for this bee, can you let me know???


  5. In other groups, we’ve just made the swap a bit longer. So, if there are 14 people, it would be a 14-month swap. A little bit of a longer commitment, but that way everyone gets a month. Or, you could pick a couple of months to be double-months — two designers, and everyone makes 2 blocks.

  6. I am not sure how it would work with only having 12 designers but more people making quilts. Would some people get mix and match quilts at the end? I think John has a good idea in either making it last a little longer or having a couple of double months. I personally would go for double months seeing as it is likely we will get behind schedule anyway ;)

  7. Ok, so how I think this is going to work is that we’ll have some months that two deigners are having us make their blocks.

    Tacha, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking about mix and match, but I think that once we get started, you’ll see that we all get our blocks back from the other participants, made into block for us to make into quilt. Let me know if I’m completely not understanding your question.

    Ok, what I’m going to do now is make a separate page at the top of my blog for the quilting bee. I’ll be emailing everyone.


  8. Rachel…I think you can join in if you want to…I’m still set it all up. And YES can you make me a button????

    I’m calling it Cottage Quilting Bee.

    LOVE YOU!!


  9. I’m a very new quilter and would love to participate in a bee that is geared more for beginners. If anyone is hosting one or is interested in mentoring a new quilter.

    la_rubicita at yahoo dot com

  10. Sorry Saranya,

    We already have more than I anticipated. Maybe the next quilting bee I host you can join.


  11. Hi Tina!

    My mom is a quilt nut so I showed her your blog. She said to tell you she loves your fabric choices! Mom says she’s getting ready to try a pattern called Quilter’s Puzzle by Liz Schwartz& Stephen Seifert its a fun way to use fat 8’s or scraps.

  12. i just read i might be too late — if there are others that wish to start a second/parallel group i would help with the mailing/postage and extra block making

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