She Sews! She Wins Ribbon!


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This weekend, we went to our local quilter’s show. It was so fun and we saw many beautiful and inventive quilts. The theme for this year was adding images or themes of the universe and space to your quilts. There were many pieces that showed etherial planets and whimsical quilts with rockets. What was fun for my family about this show was that it featured many things for children to do. My daughter Suzannah is becoming interested in sewing and heard about how children could enter their own block that would be sewn into a quilt that would be auctioned off for charity in the coming year. She was so excited! Turning on her girly side, she chose some Heather Ross mermaid fabrics and we sat down, cut out some strips and fussy cut one mermaid. Together we came up with a fantastic wonky log cabin block. I do the pedal, and she decided on the strips and their placement and helped line up the fabrics. I think she did a great job.
Obviously, by the look on her face, she was very proud of herself, especially when they handed her a ‘participant’ award ribbon. It was a great day!

Any Way You Slice It

Here I am again working on another Denyse Schmidt quilt. I started cutting strips last night thinking that I’d be making a wall hanging for my lovely sewing corner which has an empty wall that’s calling out to be adorned with something handmade. But, as soon as I put these four blocks together, I knew I’d be starting another quilt that will live on the couch. Unfortunately, I was too late to join in on Project Improv but looking at what people are creating and designing is so inspirational that I felt compelled to do more of this type of work. These blocks are fast and fun, the way I like it. I’m not piecing in the way that the book shows, which is to use templates (very un-Denyse-like if you ask me…) I’m just putting strips together as fast as I can, without thinking about the layout of the strips too much and then putting my 9 1/2 inch square ruler on top at a 45 degree angle and then trimming with a rotary cutter.   Oh! And all my fabrics are from my stash, which is one promise I made to myself – More Quilting From the In-House Fabric Depot. I hope this quilt goes faster than my Swell quilt from my last post.  Speaking of fast,  AmandaJean (aka Crazy Mom) blogs about her Juki TL-98Q and how fast and great it is. Now, this amazing quilter makes beautiful quilts at a rate that is mind-boggling and enviable. But, I asked myself, “Can a different machine really be that different?”

Man, oh man.

The family and I packed up and drove a good while to go look, visit and pet one. Before I could even sit down at this little beauty, my seven year-old squeezed in, stepped on the pedal and away she went. The owner was beaming at her. So, on her first go at stippling, she was going at def-con speed, and making a beautiful pattern, and the tension was good and handled her quick movements. It was then that I understood. This machine is strong like bull, has perfect tensioning, has a large throat, can be used with a quilting frame, and it doesn’t cost anywhere near the other long and mid-arm quilting machines. It has a serious motor that you can literally feel as you stitch away. It is a no-frills kind of machine which I think is why it is so good at what it does. When I have saved my pennies, I will have no hesitation in buying this machine.

Wanna know what brings up needing a quilting machine? I had to bring my Swell quilt to the local quilters becase pushing a large throw-size quilt just about killed me. The machine will pay for itself…

Slow Going

This WIP is taking so much longer than I anticipated.  I haven’t quilted anything in alsmost two weeks and I can’t even account for why.  However, the squares are all done and I’m finishing up a pretty involved backing.  In the end, it’s going to be two quilts in one.  Finished sqares ready to be sewn together:


And the back so far:



I love these fabrics!  Also, I’m cutting up repro fabrics for this quilt I saw on Nettie’s blog.  I feel a little intimidated by it but I’m diving in as soon as I put my current quilt in the washing machine. 

Appropos of nothing quilty or crafty, I just had to show you pictures from today’s valentine’s tea for my older daughter and her friends.  We baked and baked and baked some more. 


As I write, they’re spinning around trying to cope with all the sugar.   They were pretending to be fancy with English accents.  “La-Di-Da”  There has been great, good silliness around here today.

Super (bowl) Sunday Stash


I’ve been saving some serious coin for my Local fabric shop Hart’s Fabrics annual sale. I had a singular goal in mind. Purchase as much Nani Iro as I could justify afford. I bought the rest of what was on the bolt of the gorgeous lemon yellow – a luxurious 4 1/2 yards. While I was looking around at the other fabrics, I kept my eyeball steadfast and fixed on the black colorway. On my way to the cutting table, I grabbed it and got two yards of it. Admire…behold…

I’m going to make a wholecloth quilt out of the yellow…but what to do with the black. Any suggestions? Skirt perhaps? I keep looking over at it and smiling every time I see it. It’s so beautiful.