She Sews! She Wins Ribbon!


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This weekend, we went to our local quilter’s show. It was so fun and we saw many beautiful and inventive quilts. The theme for this year was adding images or themes of the universe and space to your quilts. There were many pieces that showed etherial planets and whimsical quilts with rockets. What was fun for my family about this show was that it featured many things for children to do. My daughter Suzannah is becoming interested in sewing and heard about how children could enter their own block that would be sewn into a quilt that would be auctioned off for charity in the coming year. She was so excited! Turning on her girly side, she chose some Heather Ross mermaid fabrics and we sat down, cut out some strips and fussy cut one mermaid. Together we came up with a fantastic wonky log cabin block. I do the pedal, and she decided on the strips and their placement and helped line up the fabrics. I think she did a great job.
Obviously, by the look on her face, she was very proud of herself, especially when they handed her a ‘participant’ award ribbon. It was a great day!

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