Swell Squares – finally done.


On the bed and all quilty and crinkley.


All my leftover fabrics went into the backing giving me two quilts in one.


A close-up of the quilting and binding. 

Work is piling up on my sewing table.  I have two blocks to make for this months designers in my quilting bee.  I have to make a backing for my ‘Any way you slice it’ quilt, which I completely made into a minimalist style.  Coming up, I have to make a quilt for Suzannah’s school auction, start a special quilt for someone dear to me and I really want to make a quilt like Erin’s, based on Amanda Jean’s Flea Market Fancy quilt. I really like how Erin used that dark grey with the white and those Amy Butler Fabrics.   Then, I need to decide what to do with this pattern… and what to do with this bundle of beauties.

Spring Fever Hits


We had a few days last week where nothing much was done except a lot of soup-eating, sniffing, and movie-watching.   I had some pretty bored kids after awhile and so when the little one was in bed, Suzannah and took up with the needle and thread and started in on some embroidery.  I had some flour-sack towels ready for embellishing and lots of floss on hand and Suzannah picked out something that could be transfered onto the towel, and I picked a design from this book, which I lurve.  Suzannah decided not to show her towel until hers is done. 

Then, as quickly as we had been hit with all our bugs, they went away.  Happy girls meant I could spend a little time finishing up some projects and thinking about more fabric.  It seems that all kinds of fabulous fabrics have come out while we were holed up at home and so without further yakkity yakking…here’s the recent haul:


This will be for Isabel – a simple a-line dress or blouse. 


Have you seen the new Moda line?  ‘Wonderland’ from momo.  I’m seriously in love with the whole line.  All of it makes me want to sew for my girls.  I love those flowers and the colors. 


These are some fat quarters from Urban Chiks new line.  I think these would make a nice baby blanket.  All of these fabrics are very much out of my usual fare, but I seriously needed some jelly bean colors around here.  All of this really lifted my spirits. 

What lifts you out of your doldrums?  I’d love to hear.

Come And Get It! Flea Market Fancy


I just called Tumbleweed Quilts in Cape Cod to see if they still had some Flea Market Fancy left in stock. They do…

They don’t have a lot, but they do have some in some of the harder to find greens, including the large bouquet pattern and a few in gold as well. Give ‘em a call. (They said they’d be prepared to take calls)

Tumbleweed Quilts
Cape Cod, Mass.

A Wee Quilt


Oh, I couldn’t really resist the chance to join in, it’s such a fun group of talented crafters.  So…I joined.  I’m in a swap!  Lookie over there on the right at the DQS6 button.  It’s the 6th round of a doll quilt swap. 

After looking at my swap partner’s blog, and reading about what fabrics she loves, I dove into my ‘Darla’ stash and started in on my favorite part.  I quickly made a pillow out of ticking and then quickly followed with a pillowcase.   While I was making these little lovlies, I was thinking about what design I should make for the doll quilt.  I kept thinking of triangles.  I hadn’t attempted triangles until now and I knew this was just the project to do them.  Then, I remembered a recent purchase from my LQS, bought on impulse because someone in line in front of me was going on and on about them and how they make triangles so accurately, quickly and easily.   Sign me up!  They’re called ‘Thangles’.  Strips of printed half square triangles let you make 20 or so squares in about 10 minutes.  So, as I was doing my second round of Thangles squares, I thought I’d make a little tutorial for you, even though they are incredibly easy. 

Take two strips of fabric and put right sides together.  There are many sizes of widths of Thangles, the one I have is for 2 1/2 inch strips.  (Perfect for Jelly Rolls by the way…)


Then, sew along the dotted lines, on either side of the solid line, two per square.


Using your everyday crafting scissors (and not your best sewing shears since you are cutting through paper) cut on the solid line.


One side will already be without a dog ear, trim the other side so that it looks the same.img_doll50001

Next, tear away the paper.


Open up and there you have it! 


They are just as the woman told me – quick and accurate.  Now…go rock your own Thangles.

How About A Little Giveaway?


Edited to say that although I cannot figure out how to get a page capture from the random integer generator, number 38 is our winner!  So Nancy, from the blog Random, please send me an email so I can send these off to you.

Having gone through every single fabric in my sewing area, I came across these fabrics leftover from making this quilt.  I very much want to pass on what I have left to someone who wants them.  They are from Moda’s extensive Charisma fabrics.  This is a pretty hefty stack of four different prints and certainly enough for a lap quilt if you added in some sashing or solids.  To enter, leave a comment and tell me about a line of fabric that you are currently interested in.

Fun and Strange

This month, we are sewing squares with Emily the Strange fabrics.  March has two of our members taking their turns as designer.  Viv from Highway Cottage sent these fabrics along with full license to do with them what we pleased. How fun is that?? Here’s the square that I made, adding along with the fabrics she sent, the Japanese pear fabric that has French writing.

Here’s a close-up of Emily-

I put her on with fusible web, and I’m going to hand stitch around the edges, maybe in Red. Not sure…but I love how it turned out.

I think in a day or two, I’ll be getting Nettie’s frabrics. Woot!

Extreme Home Makeover – Sewing Corner Edition

Here’s a transformation that took place around here this week. My little sewing area used to be pretty nice I thought, but now it’s even better. We got the bookcase at Ikea, land of Swedish meatballs and affordable home goods. I got a few baskets, and presto chango….



Another Before



And here we are now, all gussied up



And perhaps the biggest improvement of all….


It was an awesome deal negotiated while we were at the quilt show. 


And finally, I need ideas for a wall hanging for over the shorter bookcase.  I bought a small rod for hanging something just for this space.  I’m thinking a more free-form piece, but I thought I’d ask you all what you’ve seen that you think might look good here.