Come And Get It! Flea Market Fancy


I just called Tumbleweed Quilts in Cape Cod to see if they still had some Flea Market Fancy left in stock. They do…

They don’t have a lot, but they do have some in some of the harder to find greens, including the large bouquet pattern and a few in gold as well. Give ‘em a call. (They said they’d be prepared to take calls)

Tumbleweed Quilts
Cape Cod, Mass.

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7 thoughts on “Come And Get It! Flea Market Fancy

  1. I was just up at Sugar Pine quilt shop in Grass Valley they have lots of Flea Market Fancy
    (530) 272-5308
    452 S Auburn St # A
    Grass Valley, CA 95945

  2. I am so eager to find the large bouquet print with the red flowers on it because I am really getting into that turquoise/red combo that everyone is doing such fabulous quilts in. But, I called the shop you mentioned and they didn’t have it either….drat! But, they did have other hard to find prints…


  3. Tomorrow I will take pictures of exactly what Flea Market Fancy we have and put it on my

  4. well, I got me some thangles – joy of joys…only to realise my partner is not really the triangles type. Boo. Looks like I can have fun with my thangles on my own (does that sound a bit rude to you?)

    Yum – flea market fancy. Hmm. I don’t have any – I think I probably need some….

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