Feathered Friend


Here she is – all ready to go to the auction.  Keep your fingers crossed that this set of girly bedding will fetch lots of money for the arts program at my daughter’s school.  Also, can I get a hallelujah that we get to go out and converse amongst other adults!  Adult beverages might even be consumed…

Quilt-Along with Amanda Jean

This sounded way too fun to pass up.  Quilting Goddess and Crazy Mom, Amanda Jean is hosting a quilt-along. For all of us who sign up, we’ll be making a quilt based on the classic 9-patch block.  Amanda Jean was inspired to make this quilt for herself, based on this one…

Who wouldn’t want to quilt something that simple and beautiful?  I knew immediately that I wanted to join in.  I went to my stash and started pulling out blues and greens for a more tonal quilt.  Here’s what I have all ready to go (the quilt-along part of this is making one block a day.  I’m already behind!!)


I’m eager to see how these colors interact and play together.  I’m excited to be using some of my Flea Market Fancy stash in the blues and greens that I’ve been hoarding for a project worthy of it.  Check back for progress and updates – or check out the Flickr group for this project.

Quilting For A Cause

Yet more uncharted quilting territory is being made here in my newest WIP.  This quilt is for my daughter’s  school benefit, where it will be auctioned off.  This is the first time I’ve quilted for good and not just for myself or for a gift.  It’s a great feeling, but the quilt itself will be up against some tough competition.  There are play dates with teachers and ice cream, rock climbing with the principal, farm dinners and other goodies.  In any case, this quilt is ready to be sandwiched and quilted.  If I have time, I’m going to add embroidery to the middle squares.  If I really hustle on the embroidery, maybe I can make a tree and owl pillow to match. 


The background fabric is from Pottery Barn Kids, I believe this pattern is called Brooke.  I bought a twin set of bedding along with a duvet cover when it was on deep discount thinking that I would save this for when Izzy was ready for a big girl bed.  But, I think that in the next year, I’ll find or see something I love even more, as I tend to fall in love with bedding all the time.  I think of it as my gateway drug to quilting.  Here’s a little closeup:


Ok, that’s not much closer.  When I have some nice girly embroidery on here, I’ll get a nice closeup.

Two Quilts in Progress

I’m not posting nearly enough I think. Finding more time for piecing and quilting gets more and more difficult. I really love to stay up late at night and sew for a few hours, but I pay for it the next day. How do you all find balance?

Anyway, I have finished the deconstructed Any Way You Slice It quilt. I was very surprised to find that I didn’t enjoy this way of piecing. However, I’m really happy with how this is turning out. This vertical column of blocks will be offset, leaving a large open area. Binding will be dark brown, or a scrappy binding.

And, for something completely different, a baby quilt that I wasn’t expecting to make but my daughter Suzannah insisted I make something for her principal’s wife who just had a baby girl who has an ocean-themed nursery:

I need to figure out how to do the umbrella handles. I’m going to make a sand castle next to the pile of ‘seaweed’ Any other suggestions for what to add in are totally welcome! This has been a fun project because it is so completely out of my regular work.   Batiks!  A completely new world of fabrics that I have normally stayed way away from.  The three small circles will be sand dollars and the striped rectangle is a beach towel.  Does it need a bucket?