Two Quilts in Progress

I’m not posting nearly enough I think. Finding more time for piecing and quilting gets more and more difficult. I really love to stay up late at night and sew for a few hours, but I pay for it the next day. How do you all find balance?

Anyway, I have finished the deconstructed Any Way You Slice It quilt. I was very surprised to find that I didn’t enjoy this way of piecing. However, I’m really happy with how this is turning out. This vertical column of blocks will be offset, leaving a large open area. Binding will be dark brown, or a scrappy binding.

And, for something completely different, a baby quilt that I wasn’t expecting to make but my daughter Suzannah insisted I make something for her principal’s wife who just had a baby girl who has an ocean-themed nursery:

I need to figure out how to do the umbrella handles. I’m going to make a sand castle next to the pile of ‘seaweed’ Any other suggestions for what to add in are totally welcome! This has been a fun project because it is so completely out of my regular work.   Batiks!  A completely new world of fabrics that I have normally stayed way away from.  The three small circles will be sand dollars and the striped rectangle is a beach towel.  Does it need a bucket?

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5 thoughts on “Two Quilts in Progress

  1. Both are very cute! I like to stay up late and sew,too.I have tried waking up early to get that extra time I would have staying up late but it is just not the same. My creativity flows more naturaly at night. I have yet to find a good balance. I always like your quilts!

  2. It needs a bucket! How about a starfish or two, and some octopi? There are bound to be some printed fabrics somewhere with lovely octopusses! Good luck xx

  3. I’m mad about batik. Love that fabric you’re using for sea. Looking forward to more!

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