A Girl & Her Dress

My older daughter loves dresses.  In her perfect world, she would wear one every day and she’s felt that way since she was about 18 months old.  When I first started sewing about a year ago, I knew that I really wanted to make dresses for my girls.  While I haven’t made much in the way of clothing, and certainly skirts outnumber the dresses, the dresses I have made – she absolutely loves.  She chose several feedsack fabrics for me to make dresses for her after watching the movie Kit Kittredge, the American Girl movie that came out last year.  Here’s her favorite… (and note the posing for the camera!!)



This was a great pattern.  It’s Simplicity 4927 and it’s a good beginner’s pattern. Go on…make one. She’ll love it.

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10 thoughts on “A Girl & Her Dress

  1. Girl I am totally going to try to make a dress for Lilianna. It has to turn out better than the halter top I made out of dukes of hazzard curtains…or the skirt I made out of a pink fuzzy shower curtain!

  2. The girl patterns must be so cute. With the boy, I never make it beyond pjs.

    The quilt in the next post is lovely. I love the blue and gray. Have been working on one with similar colors.

  3. Your daughter looks like such a sweetheart! She reminds me of Ramona Quimby. I just loved lose books. She looks like she’s straight out of the movie. Perfect fabric choices. =]

  4. What a cutie! The dress is adorable. I love how it looks like it’s from the ’20s-’30s.

  5. How adorable! My Baby (now 21) wore dresses all the time too!!

    You may want to delete comment #8 – looks like a robo-comment. yuck.

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