School Clothes

When I was in elementary school, August meant one thing.  It meant that school would be starting soon and I always had mixed feelings about that.  Long days at the beach would be over, but it did mean school clothes shopping.  My mom did go through a sewing phase for me when I was in 5th grade and she made me a classic 1970’s wrap skirt.  I loved that skirt because I got to choose the fabric, and because my mom made it.  So, I wore it with a pink blouse and braids.  With birkinstocks.  And knee socks. 

But I digress.

This year, as my Suzannah enters 3rd grade (insert sound of hand smacking forehead here) I am determined to:

a) Sew her blouses, dresses and skirts

b) Use fabrics only from my stash

c) Involve Suzannah as much as possible

So, I searched around for a simple patterns that I could use to create a kind of uniform.  I wanted a blouse pattern that could also be lengthened to make a dress.  I found it in Simplicity 4206.  This is a fast and easy, versitile pattern.  I bought it in sizes for both girls so let the dresses and tunics and blouses begin.  Here’s the first one.

Amy Butler Blouse0001

She picked out both fabrics.  But I’ll tell you what fabric really got her excited. I ordered Lecien’s Happy Chihahua from Fabricworm and together, we made a lazy days skirt. 


And of course I had to quickly make one for Isabel too.  You can make these great skirts in 45 minutes – even less time if you have everything all ready to go.  You use about a half yard of fabric, some elastic and about a yard of trim or ribbon and it all costs under $10 and no one else on the playground is going to have one exactly like it.  What could be better than that?  Well, maybe if Suzannah would wear birkinstocks with knee socks….

Daisy Chain Squares- A Quilt for Sarah

This is my most recent finish, a nearly twin-sized quilt for my sister Sarah.  She’s getting married in August and I really wanted to make her and her wonderful fiancee a quilt in colors I was sure they would like.  Amy Butler’s line from Daisy Chain provided just the perfect balance of neutral with fresh color. 

IMG_Amy butler front0001

There are 12 squares, each 12 – 14 inches.  I put the squares right to the edge, which I like.  I think doing that gives it a more modern feel.  Also, in the sashing, I tried a different kind of quilting.  I was inspired by this blogger who does a similar kind of quilting and whose work I really enjoy.  You can see it more clearly here on the back.  It’s a sort of wavy, overlapping stitching.

IMG_Amy Butler Back0001

I love that tiny block on the bottom. 

I was able to give this to Sarah over the weekend at her bridal shower.  I am so happy to give this to her at such a happy time in life.

Hi. My Name Is Tina.

And I’m a junkie.  This is my drug of choice.

FMF Stash

It’s taken me a long time to find some of these fabrics from my beloved Flea Market Fancy line by Denyse Schmidt.  I was lucky enough to be able to swap for some of these.  And now that I have what I need, I find myself stumped and a bit reluctant to cut into these little beauties.  I really want to make a quilt with this assortment, natch, but what pattern?  It took so much looking and messing around to get this much, that it seems like I should have a concrete plan, nicely put on graph paper like more careful, less impulsive quilter/bloggers do.  Or, perhaps I ought to be using an actual pattern.  I’m stuck for sure. 

I love scrappy quilts, but don’t want to cut this up so small, that you can’t see those beautiful flowers.  I’m going mental.  Dear readers…WWYD???? 

This is one of the possibilities I’m considering:


I like the two top patterns.  Feedback, ideas and attempts to give me therapy are welcome.