Hi. My Name Is Tina.

And I’m a junkie.  This is my drug of choice.

FMF Stash

It’s taken me a long time to find some of these fabrics from my beloved Flea Market Fancy line by Denyse Schmidt.  I was lucky enough to be able to swap for some of these.  And now that I have what I need, I find myself stumped and a bit reluctant to cut into these little beauties.  I really want to make a quilt with this assortment, natch, but what pattern?  It took so much looking and messing around to get this much, that it seems like I should have a concrete plan, nicely put on graph paper like more careful, less impulsive quilter/bloggers do.  Or, perhaps I ought to be using an actual pattern.  I’m stuck for sure. 

I love scrappy quilts, but don’t want to cut this up so small, that you can’t see those beautiful flowers.  I’m going mental.  Dear readers…WWYD???? 

This is one of the possibilities I’m considering:


I like the two top patterns.  Feedback, ideas and attempts to give me therapy are welcome.

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19 thoughts on “Hi. My Name Is Tina.

  1. Definitely cut it, quick like a Band-Aid. I do like both the top quilts, too, but the one on the right would show off the fabrics and how they mesh together better. Maybe you’ll have enough scraps to make the left one afterward. Whatever you choose it will be wonderful! =]

  2. Beth, yes…I guess you’re right ;-)
    Jen and Joan, I think you’re probably right…but I’m worried I’ll eff up
    Adrienne, That would be nice… I’d love to make both.
    Rudy..I know! I love scrappy.

  3. The top left pattern appeals to me most. And no need for therapy… because there’s nothing wrong with collecting fabric! :D Hehe!

  4. Tons of my fabric makes it into the scrap bin because I cut and see what’s working from a distance. That’s why I “NEED” so much fabric right?

    Try one of the blocks and see if you like it. Come on…go for it. At the least it’s a pillow right?

  5. Audrie, Thanks for the validation! Actually, it’s therapy for my inability to move on and just cut into the fabric.

    Katie, I need it too. the name of the one on top is ‘trellis’ from the urban chiks ‘swell’ line. I totally love it.

  6. I have been thinking about this the past couple hours. What about a square within a square. Just an idea…..

  7. love, love and what a great problem to have:)

    I think you should look at something that used bigger blocks maybe to show off the bigger prints. still thinking about it. :)

  8. Rudy, THANKS for caring so much! I have thought about square within square. I might use that, but the more I think about this, I think I’ll be using some kind of template. I think that a template will help me to not cut up the fabric too much and I can fussy cut if I want to.

    BUT, keep the ideas coming!!!!

    Mrs. Doodle, what big blocks do you like??

  9. i vote for triangles!!! i’m a huge fan of 60 degree angles these days… and i just got my hands on the panel print from county fair and felt just like you do… we all have the addiction!!

  10. Jaybird,

    I have that panel too, and a little bit of the coordinates as well. Are you going to make a quilt, or cut it up for pillows?? That’s yet another project I can’t decide on.

  11. Glad you found your fabric! I think you asked on Flickr about some of mine once. I really like a quilt in the Material Obsession book 1 called fanciful flowers using some of this fabric. You could change the colourway a bit and it would sing!!

  12. Belinda!

    Hey, thanks for writing. Anytime you change your mind and no longer like your flea market fancy fabrics, you know who to call. wink wink

    I got my Material Obsession book out. That is a great pattern!! I am seriously considering it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  13. I like the one in the upper right of the page just triangles no secondary pattern…

    also would be great as a tumbler pattern but that wasn’t what you asked … oh but you did ask WWYD? I would triangle I would tumbler….

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