School Clothes

When I was in elementary school, August meant one thing.  It meant that school would be starting soon and I always had mixed feelings about that.  Long days at the beach would be over, but it did mean school clothes shopping.  My mom did go through a sewing phase for me when I was in 5th grade and she made me a classic 1970’s wrap skirt.  I loved that skirt because I got to choose the fabric, and because my mom made it.  So, I wore it with a pink blouse and braids.  With birkinstocks.  And knee socks. 

But I digress.

This year, as my Suzannah enters 3rd grade (insert sound of hand smacking forehead here) I am determined to:

a) Sew her blouses, dresses and skirts

b) Use fabrics only from my stash

c) Involve Suzannah as much as possible

So, I searched around for a simple patterns that I could use to create a kind of uniform.  I wanted a blouse pattern that could also be lengthened to make a dress.  I found it in Simplicity 4206.  This is a fast and easy, versitile pattern.  I bought it in sizes for both girls so let the dresses and tunics and blouses begin.  Here’s the first one.

Amy Butler Blouse0001

She picked out both fabrics.  But I’ll tell you what fabric really got her excited. I ordered Lecien’s Happy Chihahua from Fabricworm and together, we made a lazy days skirt. 


And of course I had to quickly make one for Isabel too.  You can make these great skirts in 45 minutes – even less time if you have everything all ready to go.  You use about a half yard of fabric, some elastic and about a yard of trim or ribbon and it all costs under $10 and no one else on the playground is going to have one exactly like it.  What could be better than that?  Well, maybe if Suzannah would wear birkinstocks with knee socks….

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6 thoughts on “School Clothes

  1. oh, look at the last picture – what gorgeous sisters!!!!

    I really want to be able to sew clothes, but the patterns scare the pants off me. Maybe I should try a lazy days skirt to ease me in? Shame I don’t have any small enough girlies to wear one though :(

  2. You know how much I love the lazy days skirt! Sophie has been asking for more and with her multiple casts, skirts are about the only thing she can manage!

    LOVE the tunic/top… I’ll be looking up that pattern for sure!!!

  3. Katy – I buy the easiest of easy patterns and let the fabrics do the talking – just like with quilting. You can make a lazy days skirt for big girls!

    Shea – isn’t it the greatest pattern??? Also I’ll be posting pictures of Izzy’s blouse soon. :-)

  4. Cute and cute! I had a student whose Grandmother would make her special occasion dresses she could wear to school. She was so proud to wear it and tell everyone her grandma made it just for her! =]

  5. have you ever tried the bo peep skirt from anna marie horners book? I made my 9 year old daughter one around easter time and shes been begging for some more for school this year. I also just did the modkids frieda dress for my daughter whos going in to 2nd grade.. I wish that one was bigger than a size 7, honestly I want one to fit me ;-) your top and skirts look adorable I need to get that top pattern its adorable

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