Coincidence? Or, Divine Intervention…

So, it all started out innocently enough.  I was excited!   I made  the big executive decision to merge the girls’ things into one room.  Here’s why: they sleep together anyway and they hardly use the other as a playroom. 

I wickedly and swiftly had my own sewing room.  I cannot show you pictures yet because it is still quite messy and I wouldn’t want to confuse you all with imperfection.  (HA!)  So, after the machine had been moved in, and I figured out storage, and the like, it came time to decorate a bit.  I’d had this cheater print from Denyse Schmidt for awhile and didn’t have any grand plans for it and so this is what has become of it. I cut three squares and stretched them over a canvas frame from the art supply store.  I love them.











So, I had a fair amount left over. I thought that the nice home dec weight of the canvas, and those lovely, wacky squares would turn into a nice bag or tote. So, I started to make one and here’s what we have so far….


I’m pretty excited about making a bag out of this.  I’m using Peltex fusible stabilizer so it will be extra boxy and have firm sides, which I like.  And, what’s the big deal about making a bag out of this?  Well, it’s not.  Except, a few mornings later, I opened up my Denyse Schmidt newsletter email to find this.

Hmmm.  Interesting.  County Fair fabrics are in the air I suppose.  Well, they were.  Literally. 










Fastforward a few days and what comes in the mail for me?  My DQS7 quilt from my partner.  It was her first step into the quilting world and I think she made a great, sweet quilt.  Uh…notice a theme here?











And not only did she make this, but she sent leftover stash…












So there you have it.  Do things really happen in threes?  I say yes.

WIP Wednesday

Flea Market Fancy – A Decision Has Been Made!

After looking at many different squares, blocks, triangles, hexagons (half or otherwise) snowballs and the like, I started cutting into the blue flea market fancy.

Much has been written and blogged over this colorway of this particular line of fabric by me and many others.  I’ve traded and swapped for it and even called little shops all over the country in search of it.  Basically, it’s called hoarding.  This past week, I swapped for another half yard, plus a fat quarter of the creme de la creme blue bouquet and I said to myself that the time had come.  I want to enjoy the prints, not have them on my fabric shelf, as pretty as they are sitting there.  So, without any further ado…here it is. 

IMG_FMFquilt10001The blocks are 6″ and there are only four fabrics that I’ve settled on.  The other three are kona cotton in bleached white, the pinky-red coordinating barbells, and Amy Butler’s full moon dots. 

It’s all about the fabric….

Sunday Stash – Red, Pink & Aqua



This gem of a piece is handprinted by the lovely and talented Shannon Lambden, otherwise known as  aunty cookie who designs a whole range of fabrics and other products with her whimsical illustrations.  I’d been thinking about ordering a little something from her when I saw this panel available and knew it was the one.  My girls have decided (Rather, Suzannah decided with some direction from me and Izzy nodded her head sweetly in agreement) that they want their room to be red, pink and aqua.  I am only too happy to oblige and soon I’ll be making a duvet cover from these little lovlies….I especially love the tulips and the oversized flowers.  This is going to be fun.  Though, I have no experience making a duvet cover.  Note to self, figure out how to make duvet cover for daughters.  Please advise, early and often!


Appropos of Nothing…New Puppies, New Do & The Princess Turns Three

A short, but picturetastic post of the goings on around here. 

cropped puppiesOur new basset hounds – Henry on the left, Gracie on the right.  They are so ridiculously funny and make us laugh all day.







I was slightly traumatized by the picture of me with Heather Ross (see for yourselves, two posts back) that I went out and had my hair chopped off.  I’m adjusting, but I think I like it!















IMG_CUTE0001And here’s Izzy on her third birthday.  I can’t believe you’re three!  We love you so much!

A Wee Project










 This was a quick and sweet project for my swap partner who shall remain nameless until she receives it in the mail.   I wanted to make a graphic quilt that used bold color.  I have triangles on my mind lately and what better use of quarter sqare triangles than for a tiny quilt like this?  It measres 13×18 and I’m very happy to send this out in the mail all wrapped up in a hand-embellished tea towel.  Every tea towel should have pom poms.  Riight??












If you’re interested in joining in on all the fun, there’s a doll quilt swap group at flickr.  Next round will most likely be after the holidays, but why not join now and see all the lovely quilts being shipped and swapped all over the world!?







She’s So Cool – Her Name Should Be Heather Rocks

IMG_sloperquilt0001Nevermind my shiny face.  Can you see how geeked out I am?  Here I am in fabric design heaven with Heather Ross herself.  Oh, and what’s that behind us??  That’s my little ol’ quilt.   So that explains why I look like I’m just about to bust my buttons.  It does make me wonder what would happen to me if I ever were to meet Denyse Schmidt.  I might explode. 

Anyway, Heather gave a fabulous class on ‘skirts that work’ and we made patterns to make a skirt based on our own personal measurements.  It was a great learning experience.  Did I mention how nice Heather is??  I learned a lot and will now not be so intimidated to make clothing for myself. 

IMG_sloper zannie0001And apparantly, I’m passing all of this love for sewing and fabrics on to my daughter, Suzannah.  This is her first quilt block ever – she made it awhile ago, and we haven’t turned it into anything yet.  She says she wants it to be a small pillow.  Heather Ross made a big impression on Suzannah. 

Heather shared with us some of her sketchbook and what may be forthcoming.  Sorry, it’s very extremely secret so I cannot give any details.  Just be reassured that there will be more fabrics and more.  She is so talented.

So, that was my evening.  I’ll come down from my cloud in a couple of days.