IMG_circles0001I’ve always suffered at the hands of math.  I tried, I really did.  True confession; poor Mrs. Duffus had to have me twice in geometry because I didn’t pass it the first time.  But these circles are totally different for me.  They’re addicting is what they are.  The picture above is only the beginning because I’m bound and determined to made a quilt for my king size bed.  But the thought of piecing a quilt that large has been too daunting to me.  I’ll never finish it, I’d tell myself.  Then, the incomparable amandajean gave me a great idea somewhat based on this quilt. Isn’t that a great quilt? It’s so simple yet striking and bold. So I thought, “What if I started with an already sandwiched quilt? Wouldn’t that make the process go quickly?”

So, what I’m thinking is involving 108″ muslin and these circles. Stay tuned for more as this evolves.

In other developments, and aside from the circles quilt, I have no less than 5 quilts going. It’s a bit hectic, but it helps with keeping my brain somewhat fresh and entertained. The other geometry I’m working on…

I’ve been so inspired lately by all the cool kids making some half square triangle quilts.  This is my favorite, by red pepper quilts.   Also, the girls are getting into my enthusiasm for the red, pink and aqua combination that seems to be everywhere right now.  So, a quilt was in order to go with this dresser that now lives in their room.  It’s going to be off the hook. 

So, I think all I need is about 5 days to myself and I could finish all these projects.  Yeah…like that’s going to happen.

Thoughtful Spot

Here it is all tidy and ready for sewing. – my sewing room.  This picture was taken during one of our recent storms and so the light is a bit low, but I think you can see the space pretty well.

IMG_room10001The goal was to make the work area as efficient as possible.  I have the iron and board to the left for instant pressing.  I love that.  Each project has its own basket so that I don’t misplace anything.  Some baskets are simply fabrics that I think look great together, but are awaiting the right pattern or project. 

IMG_room20001Here’s a closeup of the sewing table.  On the left is a roatary mat and a basket with triangles and other cutting rulers. 

IMG_room30001This is my ‘design wall’ which is just a piece of batting.  I don’t love it here, and it’s pretty small, but it’s still reallly helpful.  These here are two quilts I’m working on, one is Hop, Skip & Jump quilt, and the other is my own design for a very dear friend. 


Below is the new cutting table which folds down.  I really like it! The basket holds all of my ‘bee business’ including postage, recently received blocks and things to mail out.  To the right…new fabrics.  Lately, I’ve really been drawn to Kaffe Fassett. 

IMG_room.bed0001And, if you ever come visit us, this is where you’ll sleep – the guest portion of the room, complete with quilt of course.