Dot & Spot

That’s what I’m calling this one which came from two lovely brother and sister basset hounds we met and nearly rescued this year.  This quilt has nothing to do with basset hounds really, but I loved those names together.

I really like how it turned out and I’m very glad that we now have a quilt that fits our King-sized bed. 

Apparantly The Layout ‘Doesn’t Work’

…At least according to Suzannah, age 8, my slightly impertinent daughter.  While I really liked it, the last layout was given a big thumbs down, despite what you all thought.  *gasp*  So, after turning and fidgeting and fussing, I came up with this.  I’m calling this quilt ‘bunting’ because the sides remind me of the fabulous triangle banners everyone is making these days.

I really like the red border. 

Also, the bigger areas of white are really pleasing to me. 

And, after laying this out the aforementioned impertinent daughter gave this one a ‘big thumbs up’, and “will it be done in time for my sleepover party?”  ….which is in one week. 




This quilt is nearly done!  And it will be finished in under a week.  Here’s why – I caved in and started with a perfectly lovely sage green albeit purchased (read completed) quilt.  Here’s my rationale.  Unless I can somehow get my hands on a longarm, I can’t see myself making a king-sized quilt.  With two children, two puppies, a full-time job, laundry and 5 other quilts I’m working on, I need to be realistic.  This is a perfectly lovely quilt, 100% cotton with one of my favorite greens, already quilted in a very nice Chrysanthemum motif, on sale at Target for nder $50.  And like the cobbler whose children have no shoes, my bed was missing a quilt made by me.   I’m calling these peacock colors.  It’s all greens and blues.  I can’t wait to show you the completed quilt and a wrench has been thrown into the whole situation by Henry, the boy puppy who chewed my sewing machine cord.  (I’ll be dealing with HIM later.) 

More pictures soon of this quilt and the pink, red and aqua quilt for the girls.  It’s going to be really fun sewing all those half square triangles together.