Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

It’s funny how you learn some of life’s most important lessons from your kids.  That’s certainly the case with me anyway, and most particularly this past December.  This was the Christmas that nearly wasn’t – but of course, Christmas did come and it came ‘without ribbons and bows’ just like the old Grinch story.

Our Isabel, it turned out needed heart surgery and she needed it fast.  In a blur of events, we found out she had a hole in her upper heart chambers that needed repairing and her surgery was scheduled for December 22.  I’m thrilled and relieved beyond measure to report that Izzy is just fine, having proved herself once again that she is a super duper trooper and came through all of her procedures with her usual darling smile and bouncing on the couch two days after coming home.  Here she is just after coming home in a new Japanese fabric lazy days skirt, because while all of this was going on, I started sewing things for her like a mad woman.  Sewing helped keep bad thoughts away for sure.

Naturally, as she normally does, she twirled all day long because when you wear a twirly skirt, you must twirl.

So, I have many posts coming up to show all the things that kept my mind occupied and sane during these past few weeks.  Thank you for coming back to my little crafty corner here!  I’m definitely coming back with lots of pictures and news, including a FAB quilt-along with prizes!  I’ll be announcing it soon.

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6 thoughts on “Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. I’m so glad to hear she’s doing well! I can’t imagine how you must’ve felt having your little one undergo surgery :( Nice to see you back!

  2. I’m so glad that your girl is doing well! She looks fabulous in her new twirly skirt! She is most definitely a trooper (as is her mama). :)

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