Straight-Line Quilting – Not For The Faint of Heart

Isabel sometimes circles around the many baskets of fabric around here and she takes her time deciding which one she likes best while flinging each one out.  It’s unmistakable when she procalims which one is hers.  Patting her chest she holds up the winner and says, “Ba Ba.  Yeah…Ba Ba.”  Ba Ba is what she calls herself.  We don’t know why.  So, in this particular instance, and because she already has flawless taste in fabric amongst other finer things in life, she grabbed the above blue fabric.  Yes.  A yard of everyone’s favorite out of print fabric, Flea Market Fancy.

But, the situation was that Isabel was about to have heart surgery and I told her to tell me which one she liked best.  Having claimed it as hers, I then asked her if she wanted it for something to wear or for her own quilt.  She took her hand, put it on her cheek, and tipped her head sideways, making the international hand gesture for sleep.  “Ban-bet”  (Blanket for those of you who don’t speak Isabel)

So, I dropped everything I was doing and made this quilt top in just a few hours.  She checked in on me and the progress every 15 minutes or so and always proclaimed it hers and that she liked it.

It’s nearly done as you can see and in my stressed-out and worried state, I figured that it was high-time I started a new way of quilting.  I dove in and starting in the middle I began straight-line quilting.  Also, I decided to keep the lines more or less 1/4 inch apart.  Riiight! What was I thinking? This method really is an homage to your walking foot.  I believe there would be many puckers and lots of swearing if you tried this without one. Just a few hundred more lines and we’ll call this done.

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13 thoughts on “Straight-Line Quilting – Not For The Faint of Heart

  1. You are a brave soul. I’d be weeping if I were you hehe But I have to say it’s gorgeous… and definitely appreciated by little Ba Ba :) My niece Ava calls herself Ah-Da hehe

  2. Yep. I’m doing the same with my spiderweb. If I had thought about it first with sensible head on I’d have done inch spaces, and then filled it in if I wanted. But nooooooooooooooo, 1/4 inch spaces. What fun.

  3. love it!!!! love the colors, love the quilting, love the unique blocks. so impressed with how fast you’ve pulled this together.

  4. Gorgeous. I LOVE straight stitch. I just combined this same flea market fancy and some solid orange too. How could you not.

  5. Oh, so YOU’RE the little genius that came up with this beauty – I have been admiring it on Flickr!! It’s absolutely gorgeous. What a lucky little girl.

  6. I absolutely LOVE this quilt. I’m so glad the surgery went well and she has this wonderful blanket to come home to. What a devoted mom!

  7. It looks amazing! I did a similar stitch on my first and only quilt so far — but it’s crib size! Really amazing work; thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow!! I was so discouraged trying free motion quilting for the first time and was frustrated because I didn’t think straight line quilting could look so elegant! Fabulous job. You’ve inspired me…however maybe I’ll consider spacing the lines further? Seems like that may be what you recomend from reading your blog (to save time). I would love to know the total amount of time it took you to do this, if you care to share (or if you kept track)..I do love how close the lines are and how it looks.

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