I Heart My Couch

Now appearing regularly on the couch – Japanese cotton/linen pillow and quilt.  Something very different for me in these fabrics.  Love them!

And…if the fabric seems familiar to you…

From the movie, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’.  Starring my fabric!

So, you could totally have a duvet like Scarlet Johansson’s.  But, no.  You cannot have Bradley Cooper.  Sorry.

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8 thoughts on “I Heart My Couch

  1. At first I was like – wow her husband is hot. No wonder she is showing him off half naked in bed. OH, its Bradley Cooper. Love the fabric too!

  2. I totally had to do a double take here! I was like “WOw! Her husband looks just like Bradley Cooper!” Then I went back and read the entire post. How funny. ummmmm Bradley Cooper.

  3. Wow…I have been searching hi and low for this fabric! And here it is! Where can i buy it, ideally I’d like it as a double duvet?

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