I Heart My Girls

I needed a small break from all of the Hope Valley blocks I’ve been making.  However, finding time to sew and quilt is escaping me more and more.  I haven’t talked about it here, but I spend most days working here. I know!  How lucky am I!?  Gone is my life of large blocks of time for fabric play, but also less time with these two monkeys -

So, when I do find myself with a bit of time ( at 10 o’clock p.m. or so…) I make these two soft things for their red, pink and aqua room.  Lately, pillows and pillowcases.  Pictured above are pillows that will eventually match a quilt that will be made thanks to my girls over at the snip.sew.send quilting bee.  I’ve been hoarding saving up all sorts of girly fabrics such as the ones pictured above, namely some great Japanese fabrics like the kerchief girl, Kei polka dots and the one on the right, a sweet print from Megumi Sakakibara. These fabrics are mixed in with a few Nicey Jane prints from Heather Bailey and some Kona cotton solids.

I am loving the giant ric rac lately and used it here to edge the pillows.  Pay no attention to the unmade bed!

Also adorning the girls’ room and adding to the overall scheme of things is this little gem -

Isn’t it a beauty?  I was the lucky recipient of this curvalicious mini quilt from Sam who got my name for the fabulous DQS8 flickr swap.  She had taken inspiration from Jean Wells and learned curved piecing.  It translates beautifully here and I am so excited to add it to the girls’ room.  Thank you Sam!  We love it!

And lastly, I found this sheet of wrapping paper at our local bookshop.  I squealed quietly to myself while I snapped it up and brought it home.  I found a spare Ikea frame hanging around and in no time I had yet one more bit of red, pink and aqua…and it even looks like Japanese fabric.

And if that weren’t enough, I was inspired by the ever-creative and prolific Ashley from Film in the Fridge and her Pretty Quick Pillowcase Tutorial.  I wanted to make pillowcases for the girls out of some Heather Ross cottons because they are sooo incredibly soft.  With this tutorial, I had these made from cutting to on their bed in about an hour.

For a quilter, to have something made from start to finish in one sitting is incredibly satisfying.  I absolutely loved making all of these pillows and I’m planning more in the future.

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6 thoughts on “I Heart My Girls

  1. love all the new pillows – so fun! I’m just about to make new spring pillowcases for our bed… and you’re right, there’s something really fun about something that’s so quick to make!

  2. they are a couple of little beauties! Is littlest missy blowing a kiss on the photo? Adorable!!!!
    I need to make me some pillows for my little man’s room. I have had some giant ricrac hoarded for ages.

    ps – you may well find someone pestering you at work some time in the first couple of weeks in June….I need to visit that fabric porn shop you work in;)

  3. Wow! Lots of fun things to look at. Your girls’ room is going to be adorable. How perfect is that wrapping paper? I love your little mini quilt, too.

  4. I wish I had more time to pop by your blog! It’s always full of wonderful fabric creations.

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