The One With Double Gauze & Perle Cotton

So, here we are again, visiting yet another unfinished project. I have great hopes of finishing this one rather soon though, as it is quite simple.  I made the quilt top in one night, and basted it the next.  I am using a beautiful double gauze by Nani Iro for the raw-edge circle appliques.   I am loving a few things in this project that are new to me – hand quilting with perle cotton floss, and the color combination.  Both are making me very happy.
Many of these circles are being put into the border of this very simple quilt top.

I love this near-solid in bright goldenrod.  The fabric is by Cosmo Cricket and it’s a simple cross hatch print.  Here’s a close-up…

I don’t quite know what hit me one night in my sewing room.  I had the double gauze sitting on my ironing board, and I pulled out the yellow fabric, and sitting next to each other, they just needed to be put together.   Never has an idea for a quilt come to me so quickly.  Before even making the quilt top, I had cut out the double gauze circles and was going through all my perle cotton.  I was slightly possessed.  At the rate I’m going,  I hope to have a completed quilt in the next week to show you!

Want To Win Some Flea Market Fancy???

An auction between friends.

To help the victims of flooding in Australia.

I am donating 1 yard of green posies and 1/2 yard of the green/gray vines.  Penny is  donating a fat quarter of each:  blue leaves, pink seeds, blue bouquet, and red leaves. These fabrics are very hard to find, and the money raised from this auction goes 100% to charity!

Just to be clear, upon payment, the winner will be receiving two packages.  One from Penny for the fat quarters on the left, and one fromme for the two fabrics on the right.  The bidding will end on Monday 24th at 7am. 

Bidding is over at Penny’s blog

How this auction works:

  1. Bidding will start at $50(USD).  You can place a bid by leaving a comment on this blog post with your bid amount and email address. Please make sure that your bid is higher than the previous bidder.
  2. Your bid must be in whole dollar increments.
  3. This auction is open to everyone, we will happily ship internationally.
  4. The auction begins NOW and will END on Monday, January 24th at 7am, 2011 (Mountain time).
  5. At the close of the auction, I will contact the winner (please make sure your bid comment includes your email address). ALL bidders must have an active PayPal account. The winner will pay the winning amount directly into the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal and send me proof of payment via email.

    READY, SET, GO!  And good luck!

    Penny and Tina

    A Third WIP…Chambray and Shot Cottons

    And here we are with yet another quilt that started out quick and dirty and is now just sitting on my cutting table. I look at it often since I adore these solids so much. There are a couple of kona solids in this, but mostly these fabrics are Carolina Chambrays and Kaffe Fassett’s shot cottons which both are given more depth of color by being cross woven in two different colors. I love how this two color woven makes for a more dimensional solid; rich and even glimmering at times.

    I started this quilt inspired by the color palette that’s in a decorative screen in my bedroom. I thought a coordinating throw quilt would look nice next to it. I started pulling solids out from my stash and this is what evolved. Kona cottons in curry, woodrose and olive, shot cottons in moss, raspberry and spruce, and one Carolina Chambray in teal are what make up most of the colors in this piece.

    This is just another one of the many projects I am committed to finishing in 2011 and to becoming a finisher and not just a starter of quilts.

    The Neglected Flea Market Fancy Quilt

    This collection of Flea Market Fancy blocks is really where we get into Big Time Neglect. I started this quilt with true verve and excitement, having just seen Malka Dubrawskys fabulous,  modern sho- fly quilt. I had been saving and hanging onto my grey and orange Flea Market Fancy fabrics for just the right block, and I knew this was just the right one. Simple, bold and graphic against the Kona Coal…the combination really pleased me.  Paired with Alexander Henry’s Farmdale Blossom print for a backing, I was even that much more excited.

    Silly me, I have only 3 more blocks to go.  But this quilt, like the others, has just sat waiting to be pieced and made into a quilt.  This UFO and the others are part of my commitment to finishing what I’ve started in 2011.  Whether you call them WIP’s or UFO’s or just call them “that project sitting over in the corner”  join me in geting them done!

    More UFO’s Than Roswell (& Crop Circles Aren’t Far Off…)

    True confessions: In my quilting, I am a terrific starter. I gather fabrics and cut strips or squares like a pro. I am especially good at making half-completed quilts. I need to get an official count, but I think I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 unfinished quilts. All of my UFO’s sitting in their various states of incompletion feel like heavy baggage at the moment. And even though just yesterday I started yet another quilt, I am on a mission to change my ways and my bad habits and to finish what I’ve started. So, for me this is the year of the UFO becoming a quilt to use and love.

    It seems like the New Year brings this thinking out in many of us. Other quilty bloggers have started an admirable promise not to buy any new fabric as well as finish all UFO’s. I’m not sure I can be so good. One day at a time, right? I cannot be expected not to bring home new fabric when I’m surrounded by it at work and buying fabric is actually part of my job.  Am I right?  Sigh…

    Exhibit A – one “Thousand Pyramids” quilt sits waiting to be made into a quilt top.  I’ve gotten as far as piecing the smaller triangles into larger triangles, which then need to be pieced together to make a lap-sized quilt.  I think these close-up pictures show the color more accurately.

    I really love the intersection of green and blue; shades like celadon, robin’s egg blue, jade.  They are peaceful and calming to me.  So, the idea for this quilt was born of the need for a quilt in that color neighborhood.

    I am setting an intention to finish this quilt top within the next week.  Over the next few posts, I’ll be airing out my unfinished projects for all to see and judge sharing all of my quilts that need finishing.  I hope that by putting it all out there that I can have more completion in my creative space.  What UFO’s do you have?  Bring ‘em on out…let’s finish them together!

    With Needle & Floss


    Just as it was time to start putting all the Christmas decorations away for another year, my older daughter Suzannah mentioned wanting to make a doll. So naturally, we stopped everything and started gathering materials for a quick doll-making project. I remembered seeing a really sweet segment on Martha Stewart ages ago with just the sort of doll that Suzannah wanted to make.

    Suzannah cut out the pattern, and we sewed the doll pieces together. Thee 1/8th inch seams were a challenge, but we persevered and she turned the pieces right sides out and stuffed them full of poly-fill. She hand-sewed the arms and legs onto the body and she was so proud of herself. I gave Suzannah a water soluble marking pen and she drew on a lovely face. Pictured above is Suzannah stitching on eyelashes and a nose according to what she had drawn. We will be selecting some yarn for hair this week and I’ve been informed it will be purple. Really?  Does it really have to purple?  Yes, it does.   So, until she has hair, I’m sworn not to photograph her….stay tuned for the final product…

    Sewing In The New Year

    Welcome 2011! That’s definitely how I am greeting this new year. I like the promise of a fresh beginning that the new year can give. We celebrated our Christmas focused on gifts for our girls and certainly handmade ones. Isabel didn’t have a very special stocking as the one she has had previously was bought in haste when I was still adjusting to the complexities of having two children. I thought the situation had to be remedied this year. So, what came is this little elfin number with vintage-inspired buttons and a bit of embroidery to finish it off. Her eyes got big and she gasped when she saw it, which is exactly what I’d hoped she would do.

    As is our family custom to give the girls pajamas on Christmas Eve, I made two similar but different pajamas/nightgown.  Even though flannel would have been incredibly cozy and soft, there really is nothing comparable to the softness of Heather Ross cottons.  Nothing.  These pajamas are both made from her West Hill line of fabrics.

    Here they are next to Isabel’s new play kitchen from Santa.  It was a good Christmas having given mostly handmade gifts to family and emphasizing creative play gifts for the girls.

    So, here we go you beautiful new year!  I have lots to share with all of you – of course one of my resolutions is to be a better person, a better mom, a better friend, and to push myself to create more, and to blog more often. ;-)