First Finish of 2011 – Goldenrod & Double Gauze

Here she is!  I’m happy that I did finish this quilt and had so much fun doing it!  The circles are raw-edge applique from double gauze, and the smaller circles are the tiniest of yo-yo’s, scattered about and slip stitched on by hand.  Here it is a bit more close up.

The goldenrod yellow is completely straight-lined quilted.  This took some extra patience, but so worth it to me in the end.  I really like all those lines.

So, now that I have this little number under my belt, I have got to get back to my older WIP’s!!  More posts on that later.

Also, have you heard about the Single Girl Quilt Along????  I’m joining in….are you??

It is the only quilt I am letting myself begin before all my previous quilts are finished.  Why make this quilt now?  I have always always wanted to make this quilt, but felt intimidated by 31 tiny templates(ACK! Really?  31?) as well as curved piecing.  But armed with my other quilting peeps and a bunch of other girls at the shop, I know I can do it!  I think I can….I think I can….

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4 Responses to First Finish of 2011 – Goldenrod & Double Gauze

  1. Thirza says:

    Well done you, that golden is stunning! I have started to warm towards applique over the last few months. Might this be the final push that converts me?

    Another quilt-along, rounded edges, euhm, no ;-)!

  2. susyd9 says:

    Ooooo! I love this one! Now I understand why you liked the “play mat” I made for Hazel. Your fabrics for the SIngle Girl Quilt Along are yummy!

  3. KimKim says:

    I made my daughter a patchwork quilt when I was pregnant. I had to wait every two weeks to buy the next strip of Liberty material and when it was finished I was so proud of it. It wasn’t beautifully finished but I didn’t know that I just saw all the love and work that went into it.

  4. Leona says:

    Tina, I got all squeally on the insides when I saw this quilt! I absolutely love it!!!! Great work and Great FUN!

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