Three Single Girls


Here we are – three girls from the shop, cutting out our single girl pieces. It was an evening filled with rotary cutters, a lot of giggling and too many cookies. Dana is making her single girl in what she calls “creamies” along with mustard and navy prints. Megan is making her single girl out of deep purples, navy and a few spots of green. Here they are after getting a bit punchy with too much cutting.

We had so much fun! I even pieced a few of the first arc…

For more single girl fun, go here.

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One thought on “Three Single Girls

  1. I was going through the single girl quilt along support group on flickr, wondering if I’d ever have the courage to try this quilt, and I saw the picture of you and recognized you! You helped me earlier today try to figure out the batting for my quilted pillow (I went with fleece and it worked great). I will say hi next time I’m in the shop (which will probably be soon) and I look forward to seeing how your quilt comes together! :D

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