Sew Mama Sew Giveaway – My New Pattern + Lots of Fabric!

Tic Tac Toe, three in a row!  Introducing my first pattern!  I’m excited to finally be able to show you a pattern that will be showing up at your local fabric and quilt shop soon.

This pattern is debuting today which coincides with the annual giveaway
day from the great folks at Sew, Mama, Sew!
  The pattern includes fabric requirements and instructions on how to make this floor game quilt.  This is a perfect beginner’s pattern and a great gift to give little ones.  In my  giveaway, you’ll receive the pattern along with this lovely stack of  “treasures and tidbts” fabrics courtesy of Robert Kaufman. 

It’s quite a nice stack and certainly enough to make your own tic tac toe game for the kids in your life.  To enter to win the pattern and fabrics, just leave a comment, telling me who you might make this game for.  You have until the 25th to enter!  Good luck to everyone, and thanks for stopping by

Edited to add that comments are now closed and that the winner is…..

Kristy – Hopeful Threads |  May 23, 2011 at 11:11 am

LOVE this pattern! What a great giveaway! Can you email me a link where the pattern can be purchased in case I’m not so lucky to win? I didn’t see one. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one, my kiddos would love this and it would be safe for them to play around baby…unlike the beads they are working with right now! ugh! ;)

I’ll be emailing you!!!

Summer Bubble Dress

Here she is just a day after asking for a new dress.  After all, since Isabel got a new dress, she felt deserving of her own.  Who was I to argue?  This is a very simple shift dress  (Burda 9544) with a few added bottom seam darts which give the bottom a slight bubble effect.  She was more than happy with it and the fabric really suits her.  Check out the freckles!

It looks like I spent a lot of time figuring out how to place the print so that it looks like a necklace, but it really was just a happy accident.  I have to say how happy all of this garment sewing is making me.  I love how quickly these projects come together, and how they showcase the fabrics I love.  I especially love how I can make something pretty for someone I love.

Isabel’s Popover Dress

Indulge the repetitive picture-action here, but I simply couldn’t choose which picture was cutest!!

This was my fist attempt at making this dress, but it won’t be my last.  This is a free pattern called The Popover Dress and you can download it from the Oliver + S website.  First of all, obviously, it’s an adorable dress.  But, what I really appreciate is how quickly you can make this dress.  I tend to start projects impulsively (I know…you’re surprised…right?) and with a dress pattern like this, given my fabric is already washed, I can make this little number in about an hour.  If I want to use packaged bias tape for the straps, it would be even less time.  I did make one revision in the yoke.  I wanted it to be  a bit taller, and so I didn’t fold it over in half as the instructions say to do.  Instead, I cut out 4 yokes and sewed two to the front, and two to the back, one being the facing for the yoke, and one sewn on the outside.  I hope that makes sense.  I put in a little ric rac as the pattern suggests, but I am thinking of other things to insert at that upper seam.  Crochet trim lace…piping…pom pom trim!

Fabrics are from the Free To Grow line of organic cottons from Robert Kaufman, designed by Nancy Mims.

Lisette & The Sewing of Clothes

Sometimes, I need a break from quilting and the urge to sew a dress for one of the girls takes over.  Even more occasionally, I will sew something for myself.  When I found out that Oliver + S pattern designer Liesl Gibson had designed patterns for women, I picked up those patterns immediately. These patterns are called Lisette and are available through Simplicity.

I had this incredible vintage fabric just waiting for blouse-making. I selected the Portfolio blouse and set to work.  As is her style, Liesl has made garment sewing clear and accessible.  I happily made this in an afternoon.  I’m not sold on how flattering it is on me, but I still find it fun to wear. I am looking forward to sewing the other patterns from Lisette.  I am forever in search of the perfect blouse/tunic pattern.   Next time we talk about garment sewing, I’ll be discussing The Schoolhouse Tunic from Sew Liberated.

Feathering The Pink, Aqua & Red Nest

Another finish around here and also more to add to the pink, red and aqua room.  A duvet for the girls’ bed.  We have here some Nicey Jane from Heather Bailey.  I love this leafy print.

The duvet pattern is a simple one with big squares and a sashing of red dots.  Little mousy gets to sit propped up on some giant pillows.  In the picture above you might be able to spot the giant ric rac.  I cannot get enough of it!  Ric rac makes all kinds of projects that much cuter.  More is to come for this room in the following months.  I would love to hear about what adorable things you’ve made for your kids’ rooms.  Bring on the suggestions of things I can make.

I didn’t make this…  my mom wore this little dress back in the 1930’s.  I love seeing it on the wall every day.  It has a few little holes in it, but it’s perfect just the way it is.