What is the Little Blue Cottage?

In my version of a perfect world, I would have a tiny space all my own.  When I close my eyes and visualize what it would look like, I see a small cottage in my back garden.  It is a lovely periwinkle blue with window boxes filled with brightly-colored flowers spilling out.  Inside there are shelves of fabric and wool along with my sewing machine.  There is just enough room for a soft chair in which to look at books for inspiration.  In here I would sew and make dolls and soft baby blankets.  My daughters would play just outside the door and allow me a bit of time to sew and relax and create. 

In my real life, I steal away moments to craft the little bit that I do.  If, one day I really do have my little spot to myself, I’ll be really excited.  In the meantime, when my children are asleep and I ought to be as well…..I craft….I craft. Feel free to contact me at tina m at cruzio dot com.

2 thoughts on “What is the Little Blue Cottage?

  1. aaah!! so sweet!! love your words…
    found your “little blue cottage” when I “googled” cottage skirts. I’m looking for pretty cottage fabrics to have some summer skirts made~ do you know of any? Thanks !!
    Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage…
    ps…I’m “Tina” too! ; – )

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