Cottage Quilting Bee


Our quilting bee participants are:

Tina (me)JULY
Ariana OCTOBER (
Carolyn MAY (
Katie Pederson APRIL (
Viv MARCH ( )
John JUNE (
Nettie MARCH (
Adina JULY ( )
Ashley Ann MAY (
Sudi-Laura AUGUST
Jessica JUNE (


Rachel (p.s. I quilt) SEPTEMBER (

That’s a total of 18 qulters. We’ll be starting in February 2009.

Okay, so how does it work?

Each month one or two of the members (that month’s designer(s) sends me the fabric(s) for their quilt. I ask everyone to send enough fabric for everyone to make a block. (17 blocks) You can have us make a scrappy block using your scraps, or you can send fat quarters to be divided up to make a specific block. You can give vague direction, or detailed. Let your imagination run free! I then distribute the fabrics into envelopes and send them on to the other members, keeping one set of fabric for myself. Members then have until the end of the month to create a block that fits in the design idea of the designing member for that month and send it back to me. I gather all the blocks together and send them to the designing member who sews them into a quilt, or whatever project they’d like to make.

How big are your blocks?

Everyone creates a 12.5″x12.5″ block so that it will finish to 12″x12″ when sewn together.

Oh! Hey, here’s our flickr group!

38 thoughts on “Cottage Quilting Bee

  1. Yay – I’m so excited. Can’t wait to find out what month I’m going to be so I can start planning my fabric purchases!

  2. Sounds good. I can’t wait to find out what month is mine, so I can think of something. Will you just tell us what months there are 2 designers? Can’t wait to see what everyone makes.

  3. Hi everyone – I just wanted to throw this out there (I hope it’s OK Tina) I am in no way prepared to go first for our little quilting bee – I was wondering if anyone else that already knew what they wanted to do would switch months with me? I’m sorry to be a pain – I just thought maybe there is someone that already knows their plan and would like to go first! Thanks!

  4. Does anyone know Sudi-Laura and Rachael? Do you know if they have blogs or if you know them, can you forward their emails to me???


  5. Yay, I very excited. I guess I better get the thinking hat on. So we need to supply enough fabric to make 17 blocks? Is that right?

  6. My email address is tina m at cruzio dot com and it’s also at the top of my blog under ‘contact’

    I’m going to try and send out an email to everyone right now.


  7. Ok, Can everyone email me back because some of you don’t have your email addresses on your blogs.

    my email address is above

  8. Hi! I don’t have a blog ( I know, I know), but am so excited to be a part of this group! I sent an email this AM, but am not sure if it went through.

  9. Okay I figured out how to get a pic of the button on my sidebar, but can anyone explain in easy terms how to make the pic a link? I’m using wordpress.

  10. Hi my name is Cathy and I am so excited to be a part of this group. I could never do something like this before because my husband smoked, but that ended December 12th. I told him that if I got laid off work he was going to have to figure out a way to quit. Well he figured it out and had a heart attach. Actually had one on the 12th and then another one on the 31st. He will not be smoking again. So I can join a group like this because I won’t offend anyone by the smell of smoke. Yea for me!

    When I put the button on my side bar I did the following: I copied the button from up about and saved it to my desktop. I then went into my blog and went into customize and choose “add gadget” at that point I choose “add picture” and that is when I went to browse and uploaded it from my desktop. Hope that was not so confusing.

  11. Sudi!!! That is great!! Add pictures of all your beautiful work that I’ve seen on flickr.


  12. Updated to add that initally, I had someone named ‘Rachael’ on our list, but never heard from her again. So, now we have Robin in her place.


  13. sorry…clearly I am new ( a old) to this whole blog thing….it is

  14. Pingback: Willy-Nilly
  15. received the fabric over the weekend but couldn’t get my sickly self to the computer to let anyone know. am now feeling better and ready to let the sewing begin!

  16. Hi, I would love to start a quilting bee too. I understand how it works; if I host all fabric comes to me, I either cut it or divide it into 12 equal parts, send it out, they make a block, send them all back to me and I send them to that month’s gal; do you pay for all the postage? Did you invite people or was it open to all? Did you include international girls? Thank you so much for your help, what a wonderful and fun idea. I eagerly await your answers. Jane
    Pnkcndy at sbcglobal dot net

  17. Yes, you’ve got it all right! For my bee, I’m taking responsibility for the postage. The only other thing is that I’m not doing the cutting of the fabrics. I hope you have your own bee and that it’s fun for you too.


  18. I know you are full, but I was wondering if it would be ok for me to follow along on my own…I have never participated in a quilting bee but it looks like fun.

  19. Do you have any openings in your bee? If not, I was wondering if you could post a drawing or photo of the blocks you are working on or have worked on so I (other people might also be interested) could work on them by ourselves just to improve our skills. So there’s no mix-up with someone who is not in the bee submitting blocks you could poste them (maybe you already do on someone’s blog or flickr) one or two months later. I am in one “virtual” bee and I really like the focus of yours and becaus I’m a new quilter it would give me a chance to try new things in a structured way and have other more experienced quilter’s as kind of my “virtual” mentors. Thanks.
    Minna aka charlotteandbutterball

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