The Longarm of the Law – I Mean Quilt.

A new obsession is born with this  project.  You really can’t tell by the look on my face – but a few evenings at ye local longarm quilter’s digs was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Three days and lots of thread later, I’m hooked.

Let me back up.  I decided awhile back that I needed a new quilt.  I wanted one big enough for my bed, but also one that I could finish relatively quickly.  Given that I sleep on a King-sized bed, this was no easy challenge.  Inspired by others making quilts from the sumptuous voiles from  Anna Maria Horner, I thought up a nearly whole-cloth quilt that could be made in two colorways, and could be made pretty darn quick.  For each side, I took two prints, 2 1/2 yards each in length.  For the yellow side, pictured above, one full width of the fabric stays in the center.  With the other fabric, I cut it lengthwise on the fold, making two long strips – each about 26 inches wide.  I sewed these onto either side of the middle fabric panel.  Voila!  A quilt top.  Since I knew it would be quilt large, and the voiles are a bit sheer, I foundation pieced each side of this quilt onto 108″ wide muslin.  All in all, this quilt has 5 layers.  The quilt top, muslin, batting, muslin and the the other side of the quilt.  Above is the yellow and spice colorway.  Here’s the other pinks and gold colorway.  I love both and go back and forth over which is my favorite.

I call this one the girly side.   Pictured above is the first of many pillows to come because I am thinking that if you have a quilt this pretty, you just need a bunch of pillows sitting on top.

So – when it came time to baste and quilt this puppy, the thought of running it through my Juki was enough to make me whimper.  I just knew I’d be avoiding it and the basted quilt would sit in a corner taunting me for ages.  So, I called up my local longarm quilter and just asked her if she would

a. Teach me to use her Gammill longarm and

b. Then let me quilt this massive thing.

Lucky for me, she said yes to both!  We spent three days together, and with her patience and multiple explanations on how to get comfortable with this machine, I managed to quilt the whole thing on my own.  It measures It measures about 100″ square –  without a doubt the largest thing I’ve quilted for sure.  I absolutely loved the Gammill, which just hummed and glided over my quilt.   I’ll always look at this quilt on my bed and think about my time spent with some wonderful women who love quilts.  Thanks go to Jill and Shari of Shari’s Longarm Quilting.  You’ve given me one more reason to love quilting.