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Two New Quilts

I’m having so much fun piecing these blocks.  I might have made some good progress on this quilt this week, but Suzannah’s friend’s mom is borrowing my machine to sew a dalmation costume.  My eye twitches a bit when I … Continue reading

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Katie Jump Rope Quilt

This was my first BIG quilt – a twin size, low loft qulit made for my cousin who has whisked herself away to university in Beloit, Wisconsin.  ACK!  It’s cold there.  I don’t know about you all, but I am … Continue reading

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Spare Change Quilt

I found out about Juliette’s fabric swap in the nick of time. is where you can find more pictures and information on this great idea.  I really wish I had taken a picture of the fabric I sent in, but I’ll … Continue reading

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