Katie Jump Rope Quilt

This was my first BIG quilt – a twin size, low loft qulit made for my cousin who has whisked herself away to university in Beloit, Wisconsin.  ACK!  It’s cold there. 

I don’t know about you all, but I am totally in love with all things Denyse Schmidt.  These are fabrics from the ‘Katie Jump Rope’ line of fabrics.  This is a self-designed pattern, strip pieced with a polka dot border and coordinating binding.  The pictures aren’t great – my cousin said the dormroom lighting is horrible.  But, now I have my fab new camera and so all pictures from here on out will be much better.

Next post: Works in progress and the stash reveal, afterwhich I promptly will begin attending FA (fabrics anonymous) Because after you see it, you’ll all be staging an intervention.

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6 Responses to Katie Jump Rope Quilt

  1. Alissa says:

    Oh this is great! I love me some Katie Jump Rope as well… did you hear that they are discontinuing it?!? I must stock up!

  2. littlebluecottage says:

    I heard that too! How can they let that happen?! (insert whiney voice)

    I love the ribbony pattern and the flowers with big dots in the center. WAH!

  3. Jackie S says:

    Tina…your quilts are beautiful works of art. I wonder if you would consider making one for me for Noli one day.

    You are so talented…and crafty😉


  4. Tina says:


    Of course I would. I’d be honored. I get better with each one as well. Email me and we can talk about fun things like colors and size!!

  5. Mala says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Someday I’ll get back to quit-making. I haven’t dared to bring out my sewing stuff since Beck got home. WAY too many sharp (and breakable) objects.
    So for now, I’ll savor your blog and hope to get inspired (well, I KNOW you’ll be inspiring…. I mean to actually START sewing).

  6. jenclair says:

    Love it! I have some of that border fabric…only about a half yard though, but in green as well.

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