Two New Quilts

I’m having so much fun piecing these blocks.  I might have made some good progress on this quilt this week, but Suzannah’s friend’s mom is borrowing my machine to sew a dalmation costume.  My eye twitches a bit when I look over at my sewing table.  Not to fret too much, it will return to me tomorrow.  I’m calling this a bullseye quilt, and it’s very fast because the circles are appliqued with a raw edge.  You stack one 9 inch, one 7 inch, and one 4 inch circle on top of each other and then sew as close to the edge as possible.  Then, with nerves of steel, you must cut through at 90 degree angles.  Ok, it’s late and I’m not describing it right.  Here is the tutorial here… She explains it much better and with pictures too.  I’m totally in love with the green and white fabric in this one.  I have enough circles to make a quilt that is 5 across and 6 down.  The squares are 12 inches across, so that’s one nice and big quilt.  More pictures as it progresses.

The other quilt I’m making is slower going.  Mostly because I’ve been hemming and hawing over fabric choices.   It’s been painfully slow.  There’s just something so special about the greens in some of the fabrics, that I cannot accept anything less than perfect complementary fabrics.  Here’s what I have so far.

These are predominantly fabrics from the Urban Chicks ‘Swell’ line, which I adore.  On the left is one lone Amy Butler fabric and there is a darker green, a sort of Jade color, in Kona cotton.  The pattern for this quilt is the disappearing 9 Patch and so I need 2 more fabrics before I can start piecing.  I am loving how the small bits of red help break up and complement the greens and blues.  I’m very excited about this quilt. 

Also, after these two quilts, I have designed in my head two very stark and modern quilts to give for Christmas.  They involve dark color blocks, with bright hits of color.  Confetti-like with lots of quilting in long, intertwining lines.  Just thinking about all the color and design excites me. 

Thank you for following along…

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One Response to Two New Quilts

  1. Darci says:

    This is so amazing! You have inspired me to make this one. I love all of your stuff. I will be back for more.

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