A Pink Cat Named Steve, Do You Have Any Spare Change? & 15 yards of Posies


I heart Denyse Schmidt…can you tell?  I love her modern design and  how her quilts and books always contain a touch of whimsy.  Above is a picture of a cat I made from her pattern, Three Faces of Steve.  The pattern is from DS’s book Denyse Schmidt Quilts. This little guy worked up quite quickly. I cut out the pattern in the evening, and stitched it up the next morning and had it on time for the baby shower I was taking him to. He and all of his wonkiness made a big splash. He has two different eyes which only adds to his charm.

I’m finishing up my Spare Change quilt. It’s turning out to be a square quilt and for the first time, I’m making the quilting in a very visible red, rather than a color of thread that sort of disappears into the quilt. I think it’s going to be really fun and cheerful when it’s done.

Finally…a question. I received my 15 yards of the Flea Market Fancy in the pear color. Help me with a quilt idea for it. Should it just be the fabric, little or no design? Floating squares? WHAT? It’s a whole lot of green…

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5 Responses to A Pink Cat Named Steve, Do You Have Any Spare Change? & 15 yards of Posies

  1. rachel says:

    oh how cute. 😀

    wanna know what i think of when i see your pear fabric???
    i see a gorgeous pinwheel quilt.
    i mean i know it’s old and boring, but sometimes it just makesa certain fabric come to life.
    make sense???
    i can just see it vividly in my mind.
    {not that my 2 cents are worth anything…lol.}

    can’t wait to see what you are gonna do with it.😀

    p.s. i am SO glad i found your blog last week. it makes me smile.

  2. littlebluecottage says:

    Rachel, you are so nice to say that! That made my day.

    I’ve never made a pinwheel quilt. Is it just triangles, or is it more involved than that?? Must investigate now….

    I was thinking strips with a solid….but still now sure.


  3. amandajean says:

    your cat is cute! I heart denyse schmidt too. she is so very talented. I haven’t made the cat yet, but seeing yours makes me think i should, and soon!

  4. rachel says:

    oh i can link you to a tutorial that’s perfect.
    {trust me this gal makes so many pinwheel quilts…she’s perfected that are of it…haha.}

    her name is vanessa.
    her blog is v & co.
    and the tutorial can be found:

    hope this helps!!!😀

  5. rachel says:

    that’s supposed to say ‘art’ not ‘are’

    silly rachel…can’t type.😀

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