Spare Change Quilt

img_sparechange10001My Spare Change quilt is done!  I’m very happy with the results.  It measures 50 inches square and what I really like is the curly quilting.  It was very fun and notably easier than stippling.


I just loved the fabrics I received in this swap.  I especially loved the red one below on the right.  Vintage, but modern feeling.


Also, I had a nutty idea to see what would happen if I used a white thread in my bobbin, with red in my needle.  So, the back ended up looking like this.  I like it!  I have to say that using red on white fabric for the quilting did mean that I had to really do the best work that I possibly could.  Every tiny error shows for sure. 


So, I loved this swap.  I’m thinking that in 2009, I’m going to organize my own quilt square swap, because this way really fun.  A big, special thank you to Juliette from Chickpea Sewing Studio. I know you worked really hard on this and it was really fun!


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10 Responses to Spare Change Quilt

  1. rachel says:

    oh i love the red on white quilting.
    {and i even like that used white in the bobbin.}

    SUPER cute quilt.😀

  2. littlebluecottage says:


    Thanks a lot!

  3. sarah c says:

    I love the the curly quilting in the center looks like a tangled strand of christmas lights. Maybe christmas is just on my mind right now, either way it looks super nice!

  4. littlebluecottage says:

    Thanks Sarah!

    Christmas is on my mind too, which is probably why I went with red. Anyway, I checked out your blog and it’s got some nice things on it. Also, I love your idea of a grocery bag swap. FUN!


  5. Tacha says:

    Love the quilt and the swirly quilting.

    I would definitely be in on a swap.

  6. jacquie says:

    glad i found your blog…we’re sisters in denyse schmidt admiration. i just scored a bunch of the blue colorway of flea market fancy…oh i wish she would reissue that fabric! very cute spare change quilt!

  7. Tina says:

    Thank you Jacquie. I really admire your blog and your work too. Where did you get your FMF fabric??? eBay??
    Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Karla says:

    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! What a great idea!!!

  9. I love the curly que’s too – I love the look and they are way simpler. . . at least to me! Great quilt:)

  10. a good yarn says:

    That is a fantastic idea for a quilt and it looks fabulous!

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