Dare to be Square


I really love this method.  These are improvisational squares, chain-pieced together.  I don’t know if these squares qualify as wonky, or if they are more in the ‘what a bunch of squares’ type of square.  Either way, I’m having a whole lot of fun making each one.  I have quite a bit of this fabric and I’m going to see how large of a quilt I can make.  I am going to make it square, rather than rectangular because I think the squares in a square quilt will look really good.  I love the jade color. 

In quilting bee news, I hear that the first set of fabrics is on its way to me!  I can’t wait to see them all and to send them out to our group of quilters.

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10 Responses to Dare to be Square

  1. rachel says:

    oh i love those fabrics!!!
    can’t wait to see your blocks.

    and yayyy for getting the fabric soon!!!
    SUPER excited about this quilting bee.

  2. Darci says:

    I can’t wait for you to get the fabrics!

    I love the ones you have done so far, the colors are great and will make such a pretty quilt.

  3. littlebluecottage says:

    Darci….fabrics are HERE!!! They’re gorgeous!

  4. CAB says:

    Wow, these look like they’d go right along w/the ones I posted about today – I’m planning a “green” quilt for my son! Just happened onto your blog and am trying to find more time to look around!

  5. Debye says:

    I love the fabrics and I share your love of wonky squares!

  6. littlebluecottage says:

    Cab – I like that picture of your green fabrics. Green is my favorite color for sure.I hope you come back. I try to post often.

    Debye – Thanks!

  7. Catherine says:

    Thanks Debye, I hope to visit often – I’m a beginning quilter so I’m probably not ready for any big swaps yet, but would like to try one out in the future. With baby #5 due any time in the next 2 weeks, now wouldn’t be the best time for me anyway so I guess I can’t be too sad that I found out about yours and your site when I did:) Not to mention, the whole “beginner” thing!

    If you have any thoughts on a pattern or ideas for a quilt w/my green fabrics, please do come on over and share at my blog:) I’m thinking of just doing strips? (might not be the right term!) and then shifting them back and forth so they don’t all line up perfectly on the seams – just something kind of random and a little “wild” for a boy – if you look back a tiny bit on my blog you’ll see the baby quilt top I made recently for the new baby – it’s my first completed top! I don’t think any of my family/friends that read the blog regularly are quilters so I don’t think anyone was as excited as *I* was about it! Maybe you, as a quilter, will appreciate the feeling of accomplishment! This has gotten wayyy too long – thanks again for the welcome – enjoying checking out your blog!

  8. amandajean says:

    your blocks are looking GREAT!!!

  9. littlebluecottage says:


    Your idea for a boy quilt is nice. It will be easy and the randomness will let the fabrics really shine.

    Good luck with the birth of your baby girl! I really liked your swaddle blankets. I love circles.

    Amanda Jean, thank you so much. I’m not sure if it’s the same as your improv. piecing, but I’m happy with the method I came up wtih for now.


  10. Cheryl A says:

    Very nice colour combo! Go for square! Square quilts are the best.

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