Somewhere in a Land…


There lived a woman who loved her daughters and loved making things for them.  She was never exactly sure when her pastime became her vice, or when the fabrics she bought for making these quilts, dolls and the like became the object of her desire, but this is exactly what happened.  The culmination of her love  for beautiful fabrics was the arrival of the etherial, new line from Heather Ross.  As pictured above with the sweetest selvedge ever made. 

Ok, that’s it for the fairy tale.  I can’t write in the second person about myself very well without feeling really ridiculous.  Seriously though, these fabrics are so lovely to touch.  They are two layers of gauze and they drape beautifully and sew easily.  I’m making a quilt of large blocks and it’s going to be incredibly soft, not to mention charming without being overly so.  Here are two blocks out of 7 so far:


The blocks are turning out to be 15 inches, my biggest to date.  I’m trying to use up every tiny scrap leftover after cutting.  Notice the princess’s mattresses are framing the unicorn above. 

Check out the tiny snails…

IMG_upright princess0001

So, yes.  I may be on my way to Queen of collecting fabric, but I think anyone and everyone will love these fabrics.  Also, I think I have enough left over to make a small dress for a nearly 3 year-old girl.  What a coincidence!

All hail grand Duchess Heather Ross for her incredibly imaginitive designs.  Go visit her at her castle…

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7 Responses to Somewhere in a Land…

  1. bathe says:

    That sure is the sweetest selvedge I’ve ever seen… thought it was an exquisitely wrapped gift when that image came up in tag surfer! And so glad you thought to point out the snails! Love your work and your blog, very inspiring.

  2. I love these fabrics; they are very colorful. If you do make a dress out of these fabrics for your 3 year old daughter be sure to post a picture of it! I’ll be checking back.

  3. Katy says:

    I absoloutely love this line. I had resisted for a while, but I gave in last week and ordered a set of FQS, it’s too beautiful to pass up!

  4. Liz says:

    That quilt is going to be so great. I made a princess and pea dress for my almost 3 year old and now I am wanting to do a quilt with the rest of my fabric. We are on the same path!

  5. jaybird says:

    we all love collecting fabric… that’s what makes it so much fun!!!

  6. Shea E Black says:

    I have bought her stationery before (Goldfish I have loved…too much).

    I didn’t know she did fabric too. I’m loving that unicorn:)

  7. Leona says:

    Covet, covet, covet! Tina they are lovely fabric, and I’m amazed (but not surprised) at your talent (not to mention expedience)!

    fabric hugs,

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