More UFO’s Than Roswell (& Crop Circles Aren’t Far Off…)

True confessions: In my quilting, I am a terrific starter. I gather fabrics and cut strips or squares like a pro. I am especially good at making half-completed quilts. I need to get an official count, but I think I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 unfinished quilts. All of my UFO’s sitting in their various states of incompletion feel like heavy baggage at the moment. And even though just yesterday I started yet another quilt, I am on a mission to change my ways and my bad habits and to finish what I’ve started. So, for me this is the year of the UFO becoming a quilt to use and love.

It seems like the New Year brings this thinking out in many of us. Other quilty bloggers have started an admirable promise not to buy any new fabric as well as finish all UFO’s. I’m not sure I can be so good. One day at a time, right? I cannot be expected not to bring home new fabric when I’m surrounded by it at work and buying fabric is actually part of my job.  Am I right?  Sigh…

Exhibit A – one “Thousand Pyramids” quilt sits waiting to be made into a quilt top.  I’ve gotten as far as piecing the smaller triangles into larger triangles, which then need to be pieced together to make a lap-sized quilt.  I think these close-up pictures show the color more accurately.

I really love the intersection of green and blue; shades like celadon, robin’s egg blue, jade.  They are peaceful and calming to me.  So, the idea for this quilt was born of the need for a quilt in that color neighborhood.

I am setting an intention to finish this quilt top within the next week.  Over the next few posts, I’ll be airing out my unfinished projects for all to see and judge sharing all of my quilts that need finishing.  I hope that by putting it all out there that I can have more completion in my creative space.  What UFO’s do you have?  Bring ’em on out…let’s finish them together!

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5 Responses to More UFO’s Than Roswell (& Crop Circles Aren’t Far Off…)

  1. JillyK says:

    Pretty quilt. Look forward to seeing the completed project.

  2. Thirza says:

    It is my solemn intention to finish the only unfinished (little white lie😉 ) quilt I have lying in the cup board: a pink Jane’s Diamonds… All the coloured pieces I think I want to use are cut, but I can’t decide on the design. Sigh. I also really really want to get on with clothes sewing, so I guess this will be Christmas 2011 present…. Please. Help…

  3. My resolution last year was to finish a UFO or do a project that used up scraps for each new project I started. It was a good one – I’m down to only 3ish tops and a few smaller projects. Good luck with your backlog!

  4. ASB says:

    Did you ever finish it? I love the colors! I have two that are slightly larger than crib sized. The tops are finished and I am thinking about how to quilt them. I had thought that stitching in the ditch was the way to go, but I would have to do that myself. I would rather send them to be quilted, but people with long arm machines tell me that is the most expensive way to go. Any suggestions?

  5. Oh, you know I didn’t, but it was ok because I swapped the blocks to someone who loved it a lot more than I did!

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