With Needle & Floss


Just as it was time to start putting all the Christmas decorations away for another year, my older daughter Suzannah mentioned wanting to make a doll. So naturally, we stopped everything and started gathering materials for a quick doll-making project. I remembered seeing a really sweet segment on Martha Stewart ages ago with just the sort of doll that Suzannah wanted to make.

Suzannah cut out the pattern, and we sewed the doll pieces together. Thee 1/8th inch seams were a challenge, but we persevered and she turned the pieces right sides out and stuffed them full of poly-fill. She hand-sewed the arms and legs onto the body and she was so proud of herself. I gave Suzannah a water soluble marking pen and she drew on a lovely face. Pictured above is Suzannah stitching on eyelashes and a nose according to what she had drawn. We will be selecting some yarn for hair this week and I’ve been informed it will be purple. Really?  Does it really have to purple?  Yes, it does.   So, until she has hair, I’m sworn not to photograph her….stay tuned for the final product…

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4 Responses to With Needle & Floss

  1. Thirza says:

    That is so sweet! I can imagine she was proud (and you perhaps, just a teensy weensy bit?)

    Can I ask how old your eldest is? I am still hesitant to let mine (7 and 5) work on the sewing machine, but maybe I should just give it a try!

  2. Thirza says:

    Ah, missed the title: no sewing machine involved then!

  3. We sewed the doll together carefully on the machine, and then the rest was by hand. I have let her use the machine since she was 7, with my very close supervision (me…hovering over her, guiding her hands!). Another blog post I need to write is her Christmas gift this year was the Hello Kitty Janome machine. She is very excited to sew on her own…

  4. She is 9, going on 19 …

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