Modern Quilt Guild Submission…

Until recently, I never considered submitting one of my quilts into a quilt show.  Overwhelmingly, I make quilts for my family and to give away and I love doing that.   But, when the Modern Quilt Guild announced that it would be showcasing works that present that aesthetic at Quilt Market this fall, I got excited and wanted to enter.  After thinking about what I loved most about modern quilting,  I made this:

The print is one of my favorite Nani Iro florals.  I wanted to capture the floaty feeling that the shapes give in the fabric to the overall quilt.  I paired the print with a happy orange shot cotton and an ivory background.  I had the strips on my design wall for a really long time.  I changed their order, and fussed with the space between the fabrics.  But when it came time to put together, it went quickly.   Never have I felt so confident in my design.  It was a wonderful feeling; I felt like I was finally finding how and what I really want to be making.  I hoped more than anything that it would be accepted into the showcase.

When I heard that it wasn’t selected, that only 33 quilts were chosen and not to give up, I sighed.  I felt a twinge of jealousy.  My husband hugged me.  And then, I started thinking about my favorite thing.  The Next Quilt.  And then I was fine.  I really did want to have it in the showcase, but it is really ok that it’s not.  I made the kind of quilt that makes me happy, and says what I want to say as a quilter.  That’s not a small thing, and for that I am happy.

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5 Responses to Modern Quilt Guild Submission…

  1. Jill Keller says:

    Your quilt is a fun one. I’m excited about all the new energy it exudes. Keep up the good work. I’m always looking forward to the fabrics you showcase.

  2. paula says:

    Your quilt is wonderful and the best part is that you created it from fabric to design to completed work …. and you love it! Honestly, that’s what it’s all about – not pleasing someone else – although it’s always great when others love what you have created too! Congratulations on a terrific design and quilt – it’s awesome!

  3. Emily Sardó says:

    CONGRATS on this making it into QuiltCon! Seriously, great! I LOVE the design AND the quilting!! Thanks again for making me feel so welcome last night. I’m sorry my FLickr isn’t much to look at for inspiration these days… much has not been kept up on. Perhaps 2013 will be the year to get re-inspired!

  4. Karen Cacavo says:

    I love this quilt and it looks like you did win a prize at Quiltcon after all. Thanks so much for showing it here, especially the close up of your quilting.

  5. Kate says:

    I just came across your quilt via an ‘orange and blue quilt’ google search. It caught my eye immediately, I really like it. I’m in Melbourne, Australia so would never have seen it in the quilt show but because you’ve shared it here I’m inspired, so thank you!

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