What is the Little Blue Cottage?


Lisa Ryfelt house EdenIn my version of a perfect world, I would have a tiny space all my own.  When I close my eyes and visualize what it would look like, I see a small cottage in my back garden.  It is a lovely blue and surrounded by flowers and unruly vines.  Inside there are shelves of fabric and wool along with an area for my sewing machine.  There is just enough room for a soft chair in which to look at books for inspiration.  In my cottage I would piece quilts with abandon.  My daughters would play and read books just outside the door and allow me a bit of time to create.

In my real life, I steal away moments to craft as much as possible.  If, one day I do have a small  spot for my own, I’ll be really excited.  In the meantime, I’m grateful just to have found the outlet for my love of fabric and color.

2 Responses to What is the Little Blue Cottage?

  1. Tina says:

    aaah!! so sweet!! love your words…
    found your “little blue cottage” when I “googled” cottage skirts. I’m looking for pretty cottage fabrics to have some summer skirts made~ do you know of any? Thanks !!
    Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage…
    ps…I’m “Tina” too! ; – )

  2. Tina says:

    My version of a perfect world as well! I’m also a Tina and also born in July! Very nice blog.

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